My son is a 2nd grader and goes to private school. They have been going to school, in class like normal people, since the beginning of the school year (aug/sept 2020). They have the protocols setup as directed by the diocese and cdc. So if someone gets tested positive for covid, the school and chain of command is notified, and they do a contact tracing and all those affected are quarantined. their classrooms are setup so that desks are 3-6 feet apart side to side and front to back. they all wear masks.

the problem in public schools is 1) classes are a lot bigger, but that's what the covid relief is sitting there unspent for, to get mobile classrooms setup so that they can spread out. 2) teachers just dont want to work. replace them. if they are fearful because they have deficiencies and whatnot, then let them stay home. if not, then replace them. need to get the teachers union out of the way. i said it even as a kid decades ago, teachers union is all bull****.