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Rap Artist - Radio / Events MC / Club Bouncer
I used to be on 102.7 Da Bomb in HI - on the air, at events, and mc'd at a couple of clubs. Worked for the biggest club promoter in HI (Rick Rock Productions). I got into the entertainment biz doing rap intros for dj's on different stations, which all moved to 102.7. With that and networking, I quickly became literally VIP at every club in Honolulu & Waikiki. Every weekend I'd show up at the club and MC's would announce that I have arrived on the air. With fame comes haters. I don't mind if people hate on me, but when they involve those I care about, I gotta problem with it. So I stepped away from the entertainment biz completely. Even when I drop by the clubs about once a year to visit, people still came up and asked if I was Sean G and wanted to have pics taken. I loved every minute of the attention and will always take the time to pose with them and chat. Thank you very much Rick Rock and the peeps at 102.7, I had a total blast and would definitely do it again
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