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  • Effective Farming - by Shaggie

    Effective Farming. Pt. 1

    This is what I do to farm for rss. This is info that is not to be spread out side The Trinity umbrella either.

    1) I start at the top left of the world map and I look in each country. I look first to see if there are any bases being attacked in the countries that match my bases lvl. If so I look to see if I can beat them. And second I look to see how many bases that are available to be attached within the range I can beat.

    2) i try to estimate the amount of rss I can obtain within an hour of nonstop attacks. For my lvl my goal is 50+ million in metal. Thorium is much more difficult to judge.

    3) this one is counterintuitive and hard to get used to doing but is a great practice. But I spend all my metal or as much of it as I can before I start attacking. I bet you think I’m crazy don’t you? And my reasoning is simple. In step 2 I told you to estimate the amount of rss you can obtain from attacking that area. So are other ppl. 99% of ppl that click on your base is going to see you have no metal and assume you have no thorium either. They aren’t going to waist their oil attacking a base that has very low metal and not take the time to mark you to see the amount of thorium you have. And while I farm when I get 17 million in metal I buy another Aries so I don’t show large amounts of metal. This specific part is what I don’t want spread outside of Trinity bc the more who know the less effective it is.

    Effective Farming pt. 2

    4) Once you’ve spent your metal and found a country and area to farm you will want to deploy. Most ppl pick a specific spot deploy to the country and then move causing long cool down times. You shouldn’t do this bc you want to be able to move within an hour. A) you pick the state and spot within that state; then you will click deploy. Soon as you see your metal amounts go up click the triangle button with the star in it and “HQ” to see where you were placed. You will be somewhere close to where you chose to be. DON’T MOVE YET! At that point you have 1 hour cool down and will be able to change countries in 1 hour.

    Effective Farming pt. 3

    5) Now that you know where you are at (if you moved while bubbled you will still be bubbled) don’t deploy your fobs bc they will cost you 100% their cost.

    6) move 2 spaces in any direction (if bubbled you will lose it now). This will give you a 6 minutes cool down time. Every space you move will add 3 minutes cool down so as long as you don’t move past that 1 hour mark you should be good. I stress the 1 hour cool down bc you want to be able to move around the world map and attack as many ppl as you can while farming. Also if you get attacked and need to move you can within that hour mark.

    Effective Farming pt. 4

    7) When attacking ppl try to avoid bases that have fobs and maximum rss. And don’t use your platoons if possible. This saves on your oil repair costs and allows you to farm longer. If you do have to use your platoons try to take the least amount of damage possible. Try to avoid using them for as long as possible too. Wait until at least half of your fobs are destroyed. Then use your best judgement.

    8) When farming for Aries the same principles apply with a few exceptions. Some like to attack the stronghold and pay to double the gold. Myself I didn’t like that for two reasons: A) you have to pay for the oil to attack and oil for repairs. If you attack a base with no fobs and let your fobs do the work you have only one oil cost. You will not collect gold as fast but you will collect rss at the same time. And B) not everyone has coin to spare for the 110 gold cost for the strongholds. Plus attacking a base with no fobs is faster. But if attacked and you still have less than a hour on cool down left you can attack strongholds while bubbled.

    Foot note to #1. If you do see someone that is attacking in the area you want to farm and you can beat them then do so ASAP. Don’t waist any time doing it either bc he is stealing your future rss and he will stay under his bubble then an hour later you are in another country.
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