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  • Home Page, and other stuff...

    yo, just been trying to take a break a little bit, step back some from the internet because ive been investing SO MUCH time online and working on this lately that i can feel my wife's breath on the back of my neck ready to tell me wtf?! she hasnt yet, but i felt it coming so proactively stepped back lol.

    im still wondering what to do with the Home page, i might just make it a landing page of sorts instead of the Trending in the main body. I don't like it. This font is awfully small too. So, not today, but this weekend I'll figure something out.

    What i WOULD like to have is the front page to be similar to facebooks and have our Activity stream (in your profile, the messages you type there) be shown on the home page but haven't yet figured that out yet.

    Instead of the 3 columns look, i may switch it to just 2 columns. We don't yet have enough content for 3 i think.

    Still trying to find a viable option for a Marketplace here.

    If you guys have any ideas, throw them at me. I do take suggestions and this is for all of us. Yes it's mine, just like FB belongs to Mark Z, but i want everyone to enjoy it here and not worry about being censored, blocked, or other bs like that. I want everyone to like it here.

    Peace out.