I want to personally thank every one of you for joining my website. Our website. Being that it's new, it's always a work in progress as I continue to tweak things here and there.

While here, the only censor I have set are a few of the major bad words and I only did that so the spam bots dont go crazy trying to spam us with their crap. Words like the F word, the C word, the S word, and 1 or 2 others I can't think of at moment, but those are censored. Everything else is ok.

I will not censor any posts, block accounts UNLESS it violates the First Amendment. Posting something that is cruelty to animals and children, etc. or inciting violence will constitute deletion and blocking.

There will be no filtering of anyone due to differing opinions and views. I'm pro-Trump, a republican and you may be pro-Biden, pro-Obama, a socialist or communist and that's ok. Post your crap all you want.

Unlike Congress, we can all get along and be respectful of each other.

Peace out, word to your mutha. Please bring your friends and family here!

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Pics from my FB fan page.

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Rap Artist - Radio / Events MC / Club Bouncer
I used to be on 102.7 Da Bomb in HI - on the air, at events, and mc'd at a couple of clubs. Worked for the biggest club promoter in HI (Rick Rock Productions). I got into the entertainment biz doing rap intros for dj's on different stations, which all moved to 102.7. With that and networking, I quickly became literally VIP at every club in Honolulu & Waikiki. Every weekend I'd show up at the club and MC's would announce that I have arrived on the air. With fame comes haters. I don't mind if people hate on me, but when they involve those I care about, I gotta problem with it. So I stepped away from the entertainment biz completely. Even when I drop by the clubs about once a year to visit, people still came up and asked if I was Sean G and wanted to have pics taken. I loved every minute of the attention and will always take the time to pose with them and chat. Thank you very much Rick Rock and the peeps at 102.7, I had a total blast and would definitely do it again
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